Prascend 1 mg 160 Count

Prascend 1 mg 160 Count
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Prascend Tablets effectively reduce the signs and symptoms of cushings disease in horses (Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction).




  • Reduces signs like fat in unusual places or an abnormal hair coat.
  • The first and only medicine available in the US to treat PPID (equine Cushing's disease)
  • Fully approved by the FDA

How it works:

Prascend tablets work as a dopamine receptor agonist used orally in horses.


Keep this medicine out of reach of children. Store this medicine in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Store away from heat and direct sunlight.

How to Use:

Administer orally at a starting dose of 2 mcg/kg once daily. Dosage may be adjusted to effect, not to exceed 4 mcg/kg daily. May cause eye irritation, an irritating smell, or headache when Prascend Tablets are split or crushed.

Weitht Dosage
2mck/kg 4mck/kg
300-749 lbs (136-340 kg) 0.5 tablet 1 tablet
750-1249 lbs (341-568 kg) 1 tablet 2 tablets
1250-1749 lbs (569-795 kg) 1.5 tablets 3 tablets
1750-2249 lbs (796-1022 kg) 2 tablets 4 tablets

Side Effects:

In some cases decreased appetite, lameness, diarrhea/loose stool, colic, lethargy, abnormal weight loss, laminitis, heart murmur, tooth disorder, skin abscess, musculoskeletal pain & behavior change.