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Grooming Your Pet

Grooming for your pet entails not only bathing your pet regularly but also cleaning their ears, clipping their nails and doing other things that ensure your pet doesn’t just look great but feel great as well.

Grooming is also a wonderful way for your pet to bond with you as it sets aside time for you and your pet to be together.

Grooming Your Dog

There are many benefits that come with grooming your dog. Besides maintaining general cleanliness, you decrease the chance of various health problems created by scratches and other skin problems. You can also monitor your dog’s health by checking for cuts, swelling, lameness or changes in temperament. Grooming also helps create a closer bond between the pet and the owner.

Brushing your dog, for instance, is also another form of petting. You should only use shampoos and conditioners designed for dogs. There are many you can choose from that will help improve your dog’s coat and repel pests. If you want to groom your dog at home, you will need supplies especially made to take care of your pet’s eyes and ears in order to have complete grooming. Also, remember to trim your dog’s nails as they will make it difficult for your dog to walk if they become too long.

Grooming Your Puppy

The average puppy needs to be bathed at least on a weekly basis. Given how there are a number of products on the market formulated for a puppy’s skin and coat, bathing your puppy regularly isn’t going to be harsh. It will help control oil, dandruff, bacteria and also prevent dirt-related skin infections.

Brushing your puppy will also help remove loose hair. Proper grooming helps to prevent fleas, ticks as well as other parasites. Grooming is essential for your pet in order to promote good hygiene. Establishing grooming as part of a regular routine for your puppy is a good place to start in order for them to get used to it.

Grooming Your Cat

Cats generally groom themselves, but will sometimes need something more thorough depending on the length of your cat’s coat, the amount that your cat sheds and how much your cat will tolerate grooming. If your cat is older, has arthritis or is not inclined to groom him/herself that frequently, having your cat groomed regularly would be important. Some cats enjoy being groomed while others do not. Grooming your cat will also decrease their risk of developing hairballs and will help prevent parasites.

While bathing does not need to be a regular part of grooming your cat, it is important for preventing ticks, fleas and removing other organisms that your cat is not able to manually lick away. While long-haired cats need to be brushed daily to avoid tangles, short-haired cats only need to be brushed a couple times a week.

You need to be careful when you’re trimming your cat’s claws since they have small blood vessels in them. Make certain to use only clippers that are created for cats. Clip the claws about every two weeks or according to how much the claws grow. To clip claws, press the knuckle just above the claw to extend it and clip the tip. Make sure you are in a well-lit room so you can see the pink flesh inside the claw and avoid cutting it.

Grooming Your Kitten

Your kitten will need to be brushed daily because the texture of their fur makes it prone to matting and tangling. Grooming your kitten regularly will also make sure that he/she will be used to the grooming process once your kitten grows up.

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