Optixcare Eye Lubricant 20 gm

Optixcare Eye Lubricant 20 gm
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Product Info:

Optixcare Eye Lube is an ideal product for use within a clinic as routine protection provided to eyes during anesthetic. This product is an economical and effective tool for use as part of the multi-pronged approach to dealing with dry eye. The key ingredient in Optixcare Eye Lube is the carbomer gel. Carbomer gel brings a viscosity to the gel which causes it to remain on the cornea for an extended period of time. This viscosity allows for control of the drop applied which makes it easy to apply. Optixcare Eye Gel becomes more liquid immediately on contact with the salt in the tears of the eye.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides long-lasting lubrication for dry doggie and kitty eyes with carbomer.
  • Veterinary strength formula acts like natural tears to protect, soothe, and moisten.
  • Gel forms a water-like barrier on contact with eyes for maximum comfort.
  • Simply instill one to two drops into your pets' eyes as often as needed.