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Vetsulin for Dogs and Cats 10 mL

Vetsulin for Dogs and Cats 10 mL
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Vetsulin® (porcine insulin zinc suspension) is an injectable insulin solution that reduces hyperglycemia in dogs with diabetes mellitus. Vetsulin® is the only FDA-approved insulin for dogs, and it has been used successfully to treat dogs for more than 20 years worldwide. You can take comfort in knowing that Vetsulin is the closest thing to a dog's own insulin. Generic name: U-40 Purified Porcine Insulin Zinc Suspension.

About insulin administration

Because diabetes is caused by a shortage of insulin, your pet's insulin level must be replaced with an insulin management such as Vetsulin. Your veterinarian will help you find your pet's correct dose and tailor your pet's insulin dose accordingly.

Once you have the correct insulin dose, it is extremely important that you administer your pet's insulin management at the same time every day. Just like any new routine, getting used to it will take a little time. However, once you and your pet become accustomed to the routine, you'll both find the process fairly simple and quick.

Doses of insulin are measured in units. 40 IU/mL insulin contains 40 International Units [IU] per milliliter [mL] (1 mL = 1 cc).

Use Vetsulin with U-40 syringes only. These are designed specifically for use in animals. Using a syringe other than a U-40 syringe, such as a U-100 syringe that is designed for use in people and that you purchase from your own pharmacy, will result in incorrect dosing. This could be dangerous for your pet

Your veterinarian will prescribe Vetsulin, determine the amount of insulin needed, instruct you on proper storage and handling, and show you how to draw the insulin from the bottle and administer the injection. Once you can do this correctly, your veterinarian will give you everything you need to care for your pet at home.

Vetsulin should be stored in an upright position under refrigeration (2–8 Degrees Celsius/36–46 Degrees Fahrenheit).

  • Do not freeze.
  • Protect from light.
  • Use contents within 42 days of first vial puncture.