Vetbond by 3M 3 mL

Vetbond by 3M 3 mL
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Vetbond by 3M (3 mL) is an n-butyl cyanoacrylate adhesive, which will bond tissue together and form a flexible wound barrier in a variety of veterinary procedures, often eliminating the need for sutures and/or bandages. The adhesive is also a haemostatic agent. It contains a blue indicator for good visualization, and is supplied in a handy, squeezable bottle with a narrow tip to dispense small drops.


  • Easy visualization.
  • Minimizes tissue trauma.
  • Reduces need for anesthesia
  • Avoids the need for time consuming suturing and suture removal
  • Sufficient for 50-75 small wound closures
  • Particular benefit after removal of warts, polyps or teeth
  • Give support to reduce the incidence of dehiscence


Do not use Vetbond tissue adhesive on:

  • Infected wounds
  • Deep puncture wounds
  • High tension wounds (unless as a support to sutures)
  • Although Vetbond tissue adhesive is a haemostatic agent, it is not designed to stop the flow from large vessels.