Urocit-K 5mEq 540 mg Extended-Release Tablets 100ct

Urocit-K 5mEq 540 mg Extended-Release Tablets 100ct
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Urocit-K Extended-Release Tablets helps prevent urinary tract stones and associated pain, pressure, and other symptoms in cats and dogs. It does so naturally by supplying potassium citrate to increase the pH of your pet's urine .

Urocit-K makes your pet's urine less acidic which helps reduce the formation of kidney stones that would normally occur as a result of high levels of calcium or uric acid in the urine. Be sure that your pet swallows the tablets whole rather than chews it. Any other specific direction should be given to you by your veterinarian.
You should avoid giving your pet any supplements that contain potassium while using this product. There are possible side effects, so address any concerns you may have with your veterinarian.