UltiCare Lancet 26 Gauge 100 Count

UltiCare Lancet 26 Gauge 100 Count
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UltiCare Lancets are used to obtain a small blood sample from your diabetic dog in order to check his/her blood glucose (sugar) levels from home. This helps to make sure that your diabetic pet is receiving the best treatment possible for his/her disease. Make sure you have been trained by your veterinarian to obtain regular blood samples from your dog or cat prior to use. Each box contains 100 disposable lancets.

Ulticare Lancets are easy to use and are compatible with iPet and AlphaTRAK Glucose Monitoring Systems plus other lancing devices.

They can also be used with the following lancing devices: Autoclix, dialet, Penlet, Penlet II, Hemalet HypoLet, Autolet, Auto-Lancet, B-D Exactech & Soft Touch, AutoLet Lite, Autolet Mark II and Monojector making UltiCare Vet Rx Lancets extremely versatile.

Ulticare Lancets are easy to use. First, wash and dry your hands. Next, load a lancet into the lancing device and remove cap. Now you are ready to obtain a blood sample. Simply apply the lancing device to the desired site and puncture your pet's skin in order to obtain the necessary blood sample. Your veterinarian will teach you how to properly obtain a blood sample from your diabetic dog or cat. Once you have obtained the necessary amount of blood, apply the sample to the test strip and wait for test results. This should only take a few seconds. Once you have finished a test, place the used lancet in a closed container for proper disposal. Do not throw away in the regular trash.


Store in a safe place out of reach from children and pets. Store at room temperature. Ulticare Lancets should be disposed of properly. They should be stored in a sealed container until you can dispose of them properly. Check with your local health department or veterinarian regarding proper disposal of Ulticare Lancets. Do not throw away lancets in the regular trash.


Do not use Ulticare Lancets until your veterinarian trains you to properly obtain a blood sample from your diabetic dog or cat. In home blood glucose (sugar) testing is not a substitution for regular veterinary care but should be used in conjunction with regular follow-ups by your veterinarian in order to treat your pet's diabetes as accurately as possible.

Ulticare Lancets are typically used to obtain blood samples from dogs and cats. They should not be used to obtain blood samples from humans.