Toxiban Suspension With Sorbitol 240mL

Toxiban Suspension With Sorbitol 240mL
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Toxiban with Sorbitol is a convenient, ready-to-use, activated charcoal suspension containing 10% MedChar, 10% sorbitol and 6.25% kaolin in an aqueous base with special suspending agents and preservatives intended for use as an emergency treatment of small animals.

Activated charcoal is generally called the "universal antidote" by toxicologists, since it is active in adsorbing most toxicants except inorganic salts and heavy metals. Toxiban is the "gold standard" for treating animal poisoning.


Do not use in animals with ileus or intestinal obstruction. Toxiban Suspension with Sorbitol may not be effective against lead, mercury, inorganic, arsenic or other heavy metals. Toxiban Suspension with Sorbitol should not be given in conjunction with oral chemotherapy as the charcoal may adsorb the therapeutic agent.


The recommended dosage is 10 to 20 ml per kg body weight (5 to 10 ml per lb). Rinse liquid receptacle with water and administer rinsings. Give orally by causing the animal to drink the dose either as is or mixed with a small amount of water. Consult a veterinarian should administration by stomach tube be needed.