Simparica Chewable For Dogs 22.1-44 lbs 1 TABLET

Simparica Chewable For Dogs 22.1-44 lbs 1 TABLET
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Simparica (Sarolaner) Chewables are monthly dose tablet target, kill, and control flea and infestations. These Sarolaner chewable tablets are also most commonly administered for the control tick populations for up to 35 days. Simparica provides relief from flea and tick infestations by preventing and controlling infestations present in your pet before they reproduce and spread. Simparica is also known to control frour different types of ticks which include : Amblyomma Americanum (Lone Star Tick), Amblyomma Maculatum (Gulf Coast Tick), Demacentor Variablis (American Dog Tick) and Rhicephalaus Saguineus (Brown Dog Tick). Simparica is approved for use in dogs 6 months of age or older and weighing 2.8 pounds or more. In a single-dose, tasty chewable tablet, once-monthly Simparica offers fast and persistent protection from fleas and ticks, with peak performance that lasts for a full 35 days, without losing efficacy at the end of the month.


Dogs (6+ months of age, weighing 2.8+ lbs)


  • Each tablet provides a full month of protection against fleas and ticks
  • Tasty, liver-flavored chewable tablet is easy to administer
  • Chewable tablets can be given directly to your dog or broken up and mixed with food

How it works:

Simparica contains the active ingredient sarolaner, which inhibits the function of the neurotransmitter gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor and glutamate receptor, and works at the neuromuscular junction in insects. This results in uncontrolled neuromuscular activity leading to death in insects or acarines. Simparica is administered once a month directly by mouth or can be crumbled and mixed with food. To minimize the likelihood of flea re-infestation, it is important to treat all dogs and cats within a household with an approved flea control product.


Store at or below 86°F (30°C) with excursions permitted up to 104°F (40°C).

Always make sure ample water is available for your dog.
  • Administer one Simparica chewable once every month.
  • Simparica may be offered by hand or broken into pieces and fed to dogs that normally swallow treats whole.
  • Simparica chewables should be administered in a manner that encourages your dog to chew, rather than to swallow without chewing. Care should be taken to be sure that your dog consumes the complete dose.
  • Observe your dog for a few minutes after administration to ensure that no part of the dose is lost or rejected. If it is suspected that any of the dose has been lost, redosing is recommended.

Dogs (6+ months of age, weighing 2.8+ lbs)

Weight range (lbs) Weight range (kg) Dosage
2.8-5.5lbs 1.3-2.5kg One 5mg chewable tablet monthly (yellow box)
5.6-11lbs 2.6-5kg One 10 mg chewable tablet monthly (purple box)
11.1-22lbs 5.1-10kg One 20 mg chewable tablet monthly (orange box)
22.1-44lbs 10.1-20kg One 40 mg chewable tablet monthly (blue box)
44.1-88lbs 20.1-40kg One 80 mg chewable tablet monthly (green box)
88.1-132lbs 40.1-60kg One 120 mg chewable tablet monthly (brown box)
Over 132lbs 60kg Administer the appropriate combination of Simparica chewable tablets monthly


Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Wash your hands after administering this medication. Simparica is not intended for human use. It should not be used in cats. It is for use in dogs only. Do not use this medication in dogs less than 6 months old or weighing less than 2.8 lbs. Use with caution in dogs that are pregnant or lactating. Simparica may interact with some other medications. Therefore, inform your veterinarian of any and all medications your pet may be taking. If you notice any behavioral or physiological changes in your pet while administering Simparica, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Possible side effects:

The most frequently reported adverse reactions were vomiting and diarrhea. Simparica may cause abnormal neurologic signs such as tremors, decreased conscious proprioception [awareness of body position and movement], ataxia [loss of full control of bodily movements], decreased or absent menace [blinking reflex], and/or seizures.