Senilife XL for Dogs (50-100lbs) 30ct Capsules

Senilife XL for Dogs (50-100lbs) 30ct Capsules
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Help older dogs and cats find the way to youth with Senilife. The unique ingredients provided in Senilife (Phosphatidylserine + Pyridoxine + Ginkgo Biloba+ Resveratrol+ Natural Vitamin E) quickly improves the behavior changes associated with the brain's aging process in both dogs and cats.

Like other organs in the body, Brain function declines as pets age. Some signs associated with cognitive decline may include decreased stamina, changes in sleep cycle, social behavior abnormalities, changes in eating habits, and other cognitive signs.

Senilife is scientifically proven to show signs of improvement in less than 30 days with no negative side effects.