Quest Plus Gel

Quest Plus Gel
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One dose of QUEST PLUS (moxidectin/praziquantel) Gel knocks out a broad spectrum of parasites, including encysted small strongyles, and suppresses production of small strongyle eggs for an unprecedented 84 days. Quest Plus Gel is an all-in-one equine wormer that kills Tapeworms Large & Small Strongyles encysted, cyathostomes, pinworms, hairworms, ascarids, largemouth stomach worms and Bots.
  • The only treatment approved to kill encysted small strongyles in a single dose.
  • Clear gel formulation dissolves instantly for an easier deworming process.
  • QUEST Plus contains praziquantel, which kills harmful tapeworms.
  • QUEST and QUEST Plus are proven safe for use in a variety of horses.
  • QUEST is approved for use in breeding mares and stallions, and foals 6 months of age or older.
  • Contains 20 mg moxidectin/mL (2.0% w/v) and 125 mg praziquantel/mL (12.5% w/v).

Administration And Dosage:

QUEST PLUS (moxidectin/praziquantel) Equine Oral Gel is specially formulated as a palatable gel which is easily administered to horses and ponies. QUEST PLUS Gel is packaged in ready-to-use SURE-DIAL® syringes (see diagram of the SURE-DIAL® syringe). The syringe is calibrated in 50-pound increments, up to 1250 pounds. This enables the administration of the recommended dose level by choosing a setting consistent with the animal's weight.

Important safety information:

Do not use QUEST Gel or QUEST Plus Gel in foals less than 6 months of age or in sick, debilitated and underweight horses. These products should not be used in other animal species, as severe adverse reactions, including fatalities in dogs, may result.


Extreme caution should be used when administering the product to foals, young and miniature horses, as overdosage may result in serious adverse reactions. Do not use in sick, debilitated, or underweight animals. Do not use in horses intended for human consumption.

Since the dose is based on the weight of the animal, you need to use a scale or weight tape to find each animal's weight before treating with QUEST® Gel. Once the weight is known, set the dose for each horse or pony as follows.
  • Hold the syringe with the capped end pointing to the left and so that you can see the weight measurements and tick marks (small black lines) as shown in the diagram below. Each tick mark relates to 50 lbs. of body weight.
  • Turn the green dial ring until the left side of the ring lines up with the weight of the animal. In the diagram below, the dial ring is set to dose a 500 lb. animal.
  • Make sure there is no feed in the animal's mouth.
  • Remove the cap from the end of the syringe. Save the cap for reuse.
  • Place the tip of the syringe inside the animal's mouth at the space between the teeth.
  • Gently push the plunger until it stops, depositing the gel on the back of the tongue.
  • Remove the syringe from the animal's mouth and raise the animal's head slightly to make sure it swallows the gel.
  • Replace the syringe cap.