Prozinc Diabetes Care Kit

Prozinc Diabetes Care Kit
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The PROZINC Diabetes Care Kit includes 100 PROZINC U-40 insulin syringes and needles, a syringe disposal container, and a PROZINC brochure. Prozinc Insulin Sold Separately. It is NOT INCLUDED.

PROZINC is the first protamine zinc insulin that is approved by the FDA specifically for use in cats. It is a type of long-acting insulin that releases slowly over time to better maintain a stable, consistent blood glucose level throughout the day. Insulin is important for regulating a cat's blood glucose (sugar), which is a critical metabolic process. Healthy cats can produce all the insulin they need on their own. Some cats with diabetes must get the insulin through insulin injections. PROZINC is a U-40 insulin, meaning that there are 40 units of insulin per milliliter (ml) of product. That is why PROZINC must be injected with a U-40 syringe. This is very important because using another type of syringe will deliver the wrong dose.


It is best to give your cat's PROZINC injections at feeding time or just afterward. It is also best to give the injections at the same time every day, because it will help your cat maintain the most stable blood glucose levels. This will be easier to do if you stick closely to your feeding schedule.

  1. Place your cat on a stable surface.
  2. Take a moment to pet your cat! It's best if you and your cat are calm while you give the injection.
  3. While you're petting your cat, gently pull up a fold of skin on your cat's neck or side. Don't use the same spot each time.
  4. Quickly insert the needle into the fold of skin. The insulin needle is very thin and sharp. It won't hurt your cat, especially if you insert it quickly.
  5. Pull the plunger back slightly to ensure no blood enters the syringe. If you see any blood in the syringe, discard it and start over with a new syringe.
  6. Gently push the plunger all the way in, pull out the needle, and reward your cat with more petting.
  7. Dispose of the syringe in a sharps container.
  8. Store PROZINC in the refrigerator. PROZINC should be stored at a temperature between 36° and 46° F.


For use in cats only. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with running water for at least 15 minutes. Accidental injection may cause hypoglycemia. In case of accidental injection, seek medical attention immediately. Exposure to product may induce a local or systemic allergic reaction in sensitized individuals. See Safety Info page for more information.