Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus 60 Chewables

Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus 60 Chewables
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Pala Tech Cranberry Plus for dogs manages and improves urinary tract health and helps to reduce calcium stones in your dog's bladder. Made from cranberry extracts, Potassium Citrate Plus Cranberry tablets are both proven effective in improving urinary tract health and palatable for your dog and are allergen free. Pala-Tech Potassium Citrate Plus Cranberry Chewable Tablets are formulated with a proprietary highly palatable roast beef and liver flavor base to ensure dogs readily consume the tablet. Each dosage form delivers the following amount of these key ingredients for maximum clinical benefit:
  • Cranberry Extract – 210 mg
  • Echinacea – 105 mg
  • Oregon Grape Root – 34 mg
  • Sodium Ascorbate – 34 mg