OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel

OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel
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Product Info:

OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel helps reduce the formation of plaque and tartar in your pet’s mouth. It acts as an invisible barrier to help prevent bacteria from sticking to the surface of the tooth. The tasteless, odorless formula is better tolerated by pets and has a quick and easy once a week application. Simply dip the applicator with gel and swab over the upper and lower gum lines at the base of teeth. Ideal as an at-home dental health plan, and can be used in conjunction with tooth brushing, dental diets and chews. Consult with your veterinarian before using this product, and follow their recommendations for regular dental health exams for your pet. Each box contains 8 treatments with applicators.


  • Ideal for pets that do not tolerate brushing.
  • Prevents bacteria from adhering to teeth.
  • Tasteless, odorless, invisible gel.
  • Use once per week in between regular cleanings as part of your at-home dental care routine.
  • Oral plaque prevention gel can be used in conjunction with brushing, or as an alternative for dogs that dislike brushing.