Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews X-Small 30 Count

Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews X-Small 30 Count
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Product Info:

OraVet Dental Care Hygiene Chews for Dogs are a once-a-day chew that help scrub away plaque and tartar buildup. The natural chewing process removes existing plaque through mechanical action, while releasing a protective agent to prevent future buildup. OraVet is for dogs six months of age or older.


  • Formulated to be easily digestible.
  • Creates a barrier that prevents bacterial attachment, which is the root cause of bad breath.
  • Delmopinol forms a barrier to help protect against the harmful bacteria that contribute to bad breath.
  • Each chew uses your dog's chewing action to loosen and dislodge plaque, helping it break away from teeth.
  • For dogs 3.5-9lbs.