Ofloxacin Otic Solution 0.3% 10mL

Ofloxacin Otic Solution 0.3% 10mL
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Product Info:

Ofloxacin Otic is an antibiotic from the group of fluoroquinolones. It is administered in the form of an otic solution that is effective in eliminating bacterial infections.

Ofloxacin Otic is an otic solution used in dogs that have ear infections. It is important to have a clear diagnosis prior to starting to administer this solution in your pet, as it may cause damage otherwise. Ear infections can become severe if left untreated and may even lead to deafness.


Ofloxacin Otic cannot be used in pets that have allergies to fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Ofloxacin shouldn’t be ingested or used in the dog’s eyes if you suspect an eye infection. You need to have a clear diagnosis prior to administering Ofloxacin in your pet. The symptoms of an ear infection may be similar to the symptoms of mange or other parasites that may affect the dog’s ears. Ofloxacin is not an effective mange treatment.

Ofloxacin shouldn’t be used if the ear drum is perforated. Don’t insert the dropper deep into the dog’s ears, as this may cause damage to the ear canal or the ear drum.

Dosage and Administration:

Ofloxacin otic solution will be administered with the help of a sterile ear dropper. Your veterinarian will recommend a suitable concentration of otic solution for your dog.

You should learn how to administer the ear drops to your pet, especially if he hasn’t received any drops before. Some dogs may be uncooperative when they experience pain and you attempt to apply drops in the area that causes discomfort. You may need an assistant during the first few times you apply the drops. Make sure you are calm, so that your dog will also be calm. If your dog shakes his head before the solution enters the ears, you should reapply the drops.