Millers Forge Large Nail Clipper

Millers Forge Large Nail Clipper
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Sale Price: $20.99
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A high quality, European-made, professional clipper. Stainless steel with positive lock, and non-slip handles for a better grip. Wider blade space makes clipping larger dog's nails easy.

The simple and sturdy design makes them a favorite of veterinarians and professional groomers everywhere. Plier-type nail trimmers can be held so that the nail is cut from side-to-side or from top-to-bottom, making them easier to handle and position for trimming the nails.

Technique: It is important to secure the dog so that you can safely reach each paw for inspection and trimming. Hold the dog's paw securely and gently squeeze the center pad to extend the digits. Inspect the nail for the quick line. Place the nail through the opening of the cutting edges of the trimmer and cut the nail in a smooth, decisive stroke. Avoid cutting off large amounts at one time. If your pet has extremely long nails trim just a small amount and repeat in about ten (10) days.