Liqui-Tinic 4X 1 Gallon

Liqui-Tinic 4X 1 Gallon
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Whether it's for a pet recovering from parasite infection or illness or for a working animal with special dietary needs, sometimes your pet needs an extra boost. Liqui-Tinic is an oral use liquid supplement that supplies iron, B-complex vitamins and amino acids in a palatable, easy-to-use form.


Appropriate for most animals

How it works:

The B-complex vitamins in Liqui-Tinic 4x may:

  • Help promote growth in young dogs and cats
  • Help promote growth in young dogs and cats

Liqui-Tinic 4x also contains iron and amino acids: iron helps prevent anemia in kittens and puppies in cases such as when the mother did not receive adequate nutrition during pregnancy. Liqui-Tinic 4x also provides additional iron for animals recently infested with hookworms or fleas.


Should be stored at room temperature, away from moisture and heat.

How to Use:

Pet Weitht Dosage
Dogs and Cats All weight Up to 3 lb body weight: 1/2 mL two to three times daily. Over 3 lb body weight: 1 mL two orthree times daily. Over 20 lb body weight: 5 mL/20 lb twice daily.
Horses Foals Not recommended for foals.
Yearlings 5 mL per 100 lb body weight twice daily.
2 years of age and older 15 mL twice daily

Ingredients (Guaranteed Analysis):

Amino Acids (from Dried Animal Digest) 4g
Niacinamide 80mg
Iron 48mg
d-Pantothenic Acid 44mg
Thiamine 25mg
Vitamin B6 13mg
Riboflavin 8mg
Vitamin B12 400mcg