iPet Ulticare Control Solution 2mL

iPet Ulticare Control Solution 2mL
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This is an aqueous glucose solution that contains small amounts of non-reactive ingredients and food coloring. It is used to verify that the iPet Glucose Monitoring System (Glucose Meter and Test Strips) is running properly. The control solution is necessary to make sure accurate and reliable blood sugar (glucose) readings are continuously obtained. Each package comes with 2 bottles of control solution. iPet Control Solution is used with the iPet Glucose Monitoring Kit that is used specifically to monitor blood sugar (glucose) levels in dogs and cats.

You should run a test using iPet Control Solution when the iPet Blood Glucose Monitoring system is being used for the first time or when you are using a new batch of test strips. Make sure you also perform a control solution test anytime you question the accuracy of the blood glucose (sugar) results you obtain.


iPet Control Solution is used in conjunction with the iPet Glucose Monitoring kit. It is used to verify the accuracy of the iPet Glucose Meter and iPet Glucose Test Strips. Control solution should be used when you are using the iPet Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit for the first time. It should also be used when you are using a new batch of test strips, anytime you question the performance of the meter of strips, or when your pet's glucose (sugar) reading is higher or lower than what you expect it to be.


Store at 39-86 degrees Fahrenheit (4-30 degrees Celsius) away from children and pets. Control solution should be at precise room temperature immediately prior to use.


iPet Control Solution should only be used with the iPet Glucose Monitoring System. It should only be used for monitoring blood sugar(glucose) levels in diabetic dogs and cats and should not be used in humans.

Using the iPet Glucose Monitoring System including control solution is a way to monitor your pet's blood sugar (glucose) from home but is not a substitute for regular veterinary care and monitoring.

Results falling out of the desired range can be due to an error in performing the test, expired or contaminated control solution/test strips, improper coding of the meter, or meter malfunction. Check with the manufacturer if this occurs and you cannot resolve the problem on your own.

Running a test using iPet Control Solution is easy. Just follow these simple and easy steps:

  1. Make sure the control solution is at room temperature right before you are ready to use it. Read the user manual for more specific information.
  2. Make sure the iPet Glucose Meter is in the Control "ctl" mode before you run a test. This will prevent results from being stored in the memory so that they will not be incorporated into the blood glucose(sugar)averages.
  3. Have a Test Strip ready and insert it into the Glucose Meter with the Contact Bar's end first. The meter should automatically turn on once a Test Strip has been inserted. You should hear a beeping sound and you should notice a code number on the meter followed by a flashing symbol. Double check to make sure that the code number you see matches the code number on the test strip vial.
  4. After the flashing symbol appears, press and hold the M button until you see the "ctl" symbol. The "ctl" symbol indicates that the Meter will mark your next test as a Control Solution test. Now you are ready to apply the Control Solution.
  5. Remove the cap and wipe the tip of the bottle containing control solution. Discard the first drop of solution.
  6. Squeeze a small drop of Control Solution on a clean nonabsorbent surface (ex. wax paper). Then apply the Control Solution on to the test strip. Make sure the solution makes direct contact with the test well area of the test strip. Hold the solution in place for 3 seconds after the meter beeps. You will notice the meter counting down for 8 seconds (from 8 to 1) and then a reading should appear.
  7. Compare the results with the Control Solution range printed on the Test Strip vial. The results should fall within the specified range listed on the test strip if the meter is operating correctly.