Hyalovet 2mL SYRINGE (hyaluronate sodium)

Hyalovet 2mL SYRINGE (hyaluronate sodium)
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Product Info:

Hyalovet is used for the intra-articular treatment of carpal or fetlock joint dysfunction in horses due to acute or chronic, non-infectious synovitis associated with equine osteoarthritis. Trusted by veterinarians for over 20 years, Hyalovet uses molecular filtration technology that removes extraneous fractions and impurities, providing dosing flexibility with 2 mL vial and 2 mL syringe presentations.


  • FDA approved hyaluronic acid
  • Molecular filtration technology removes extraneous fractions and impurities
  • No refrigeration required, stores at room temperature
  • How to Use:

    The recommended dose of HYALOVET (hyaluronate sodium) is 2 mL (20 mg hyaluronate sodium) in small or medium sized joints (carpus, fetlock) given by intra-articular injection. More than one joint may be treated at the same time. If necessary, the injection may be repeated after one or more weeks, but not to exceed 2 injections per week for a total of 4 weeks. HYALOVET should be injected using strict aseptic technique. Excess synovial fluid should be removed prior to injection. For best results horses should be given two days of rest or limited exercise before resuming normal training.

    Active Ingredients (Each filled 2 mL glass syringe or 2 mL glass vial contains:)

    Hyaluronate sodium 20mg
    Sodium chloride 17mg
    Monobasic sodium phosphate 0.1mg
    Dibasic sodium phosphate 1.2mg
    Water for injection q.s., 2 mL