Flexadin Plus Chew Small 90 ct

Flexadin Plus Chew Small 90 ct
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Flexadin Plus by Vetoquinol is a comprehensive joint health support supplement. Formulated for dogs, Flexadin Plus contains Glucosamine, Perna (source of Chondroitin) MSM, Creatine Monohydrate, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals for optimum joint health support.
  • Joint supplements for dogs
  • Formerly known as Osteo-3 Nutritional Supplement
  • Improves flexibility and joint function
  • Eases pain caused by arthritis and joint problems
STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. DIRECTION: May be given directly to the pet or in its food. Dose can be adapted according to the need of the animal based on recommendation from a veterinarian.