Feliway Behavior Modifier Spray 60mL

Feliway Behavior Modifier Spray 60mL
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Product Info

The secret to this innovative product is not a drug or a tranquilizer, but pheromones, natural chemicals secreted by animals to communicate. Feliway mimics the facial pheromone released by cats to calm and reassure other cats. This spray will help relax your kitten or cat in these stressful situations like:

  • When transporting
  • Boarding or hospitalizing
  • When moving to a new home
  • When introducing a new household member
To help prevent scratching and spraying, thoroughly clean area then spray 8-10 pumps directly on the objects your cat is marking. Re-apply every 4-5 hours as needed until the behavior stops. To help reduce signs of stress relating to travel & vet visits spray 8-10 pumps inside the carrier 15 (fifteen) minutes prior to introducing the cat. Re-apply every 4-5 hours as needed.