Endurosyn Feline Oral Gel 15 ml

Endurosyn Feline Oral Gel 15 ml
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Endurosyn Feline Oral Gel, 15 gm aids digestion, boosts energy levels, and replenishes microflora in the intestines. Endurosyn is great for cats after emotionally stressful events like visits to the vet, travelling, deworming, or after treatment with antibiotics. The probiotics in Endurosyn pet meds help restore your cat's intestinal balance.

  • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, and more in a single nutritional supplement
  • Contains beneficial lactic acid bacteria
  • Electrolytes help restore energy

Feeding Recommendation

Adult Cats:

5gm daily (once a day) for 3 days


2gm daily (once a day) for 3 days.

Provide access to fresh drinking water at all times.