Dermoscent ATOP 7 spot-on For Dogs 45-90 lbs 4 Count

Dermoscent ATOP 7 spot-on For Dogs 45-90 lbs 4 Count
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Product Info:

ATOP 7® spot-on is the 1st spot-on exclusively containing ingredients of natural origin to promote cutaneous barrier repair and help soothe irritated skin.


Dogs 45-90 lbs


  • Formulated by veterinarians, scientifically proven efficacy. Helps soothe and hydrate sensitive, dry and itchy skin.
  • ATOP 7 spot-on hydrates, protects and helps repair the skin barrier of dogs and cats while soothing irritated, sensitive skin.
  • For pets that suffer from dry, itchy or sensitive skin. Works to help soothe, restore natural hydration levels within the skin and reinforce skin barrier function.
  • Contains soothing essential oils for itchy skin relief as well as skin barrier repairing ingredients such as hemp and wheat seed oils rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) and wheat phytoceramides.
  • Simple to apply to the skin, on a single spot between the shoulders, no rinse needed. Can substitute daily in-take of Omegas 3 & 6 essential fatty acids. Ideal in association with a soothing shampoo like ATOP 7 Shampoo.
  • Ingredients:

  • Hemp seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6), necessary to reinforce your animal’s skin barrier but that they are unable to synthesize by themselves.
  • Lipidic complex extracted from wheat grains rich in ceramides as well as essential fatty acids.
  • Soothing synergy of essential oils, rich in turmeric, wintergreen and shiu wood.
  • A phyto bio-diffusing agent to enable an efficient and homogeneous diffusion of all ingredients onto the whole body surface from a single-point of application, thanks to the natural sebum on the skin of the animal.