DentAcetic Gel 2 oz

DentAcetic Gel 2 oz
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DentAcetic Natural Dental Gel, 2 oz contains acetic acid and sodium hexametaphosphate to brighten and whiten teeth, inhibit the transformation of plaque into tartar, coat the teeth in a protective layer, and otherwise enhance oral health and hygiene. Brushing your pet's teeth daily with DentAcetic oral gel toothpaste is a great way to protect their dental health long-term.

Contains: 1% Acetic acid, sodium hexametaphosphate and cinnamon-clove flavor beads.

The sodium hexametaphosphate is to prevent tartar and calculi formation. DentaAcetic is an extension of the patented MalAcetic (acetic/boric acid line) which contains Shampoo, Ear/Skin Cleanser, spray-on leave-on Conditioner and Wet Wipes.