Dantrolene Sodium 50mg PER CAPSULE

Dantrolene Sodium 50mg PER CAPSULE
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Product Info:

Dantrolene Sodium (Dantrium) may be used to treat functional urethral obstruction due to urethral spasm in both dogs and cats. It is used for a similar purpose in the emergency care of acute spinal cord injury when the patient has decreased urinary function.

In Horses, Dantrolene Sodium is used as a treatment and as a preventive measure for exertional rhabdomyolysis. In treating exertional rhabdomyolysis, Dantrolene Sodium decreases muscle spasm and possibly helps prevent further muscle necrosis. Other drugs used concurrently to treat exertional rhabdomyolysis include sedatives, such as Acepromazine or Xylazine, NSAIDs, intravenous fluids, and possibly DMSO. When Dantrolene Sodium is used within a preventive program, it should be given on an empty stomach prior to exercise. Oral absorption of Dantrolene Sodium takes about one and one half hours and the half-life is slightly more than two hours. Some clinicians also use Dantrolene Sodium in the management of horses with back and sacroiliac pain.

Side Effects:

Sedation, dizziness, lethargy, and other signs of CNS depression are the most common side-effects. Muscle weakness has been reported in dogs. Other side-effects include increased urinary frequency and hypotension.