Clevor Ophthalmic Solution for Dogs (Ropinirole) 30mg/mL

Clevor Ophthalmic Solution for Dogs (Ropinirole) 30mg/mL
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Product Info:

Clevor is the first FDA-approved emetic for dogs. It contains ropinirole, which is a selective dopamine agonist, intended to induce vomiting in dogs.


  • Convenient single-use dropper provides one treatment for a dog.
  • Ready for immediate dosing.
  • Non-invasive, ocular administration of Clevor achieves fast and reliable absorption by bypassing the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Mean time to first vomit from administration of Clevor is 12 minutes (range 3–37 min). 1 Clevor can be redosed 20 minutes after the first dose, if necessary.
  • Contains 5 tubes