Clenz-a-dent Rawhide Chews for Dogs Large 30 Count

Clenz-a-dent Rawhide Chews for Dogs Large 30 Count
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Product Info:

Clenz-a-dent Rawhide Chews for Dogs help improve and maintain your dog’s dental hygiene between trips to the vet. These chews include an ingredient known as RF2, which breaks down the biofilm on your dog’s teeth and gums. So when they chew, the abrasion strips away plaque and tartar and, better still, prevents it from returning. By chewing these rawhide sticks, your dog’s mouth will stay healthy for longer stretches of time. What’s more, they are poultry-flavored so your dog can enjoy the taste while cleaning their mouths.


  • Highly palatable, dental treat.
  • Easy to use and administer.
  • Helps make routine dental care part of your dog’s everyday life.
  • A must in a thorough dental care regimen; for home and professional use.
  • For dogs 26-50 lbs.
  • Ingredients:

    Beef hide, dextrose, poultry digest, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, primary dried yeast, potassium sorbate, glucose oxidase (aspergillus niger), dried whey protein concentrate