Clenz A Dent 40gm

Clenz A Dent 40gm
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Clenz-a-dent Esteri-Caps are recommended to help maintain healthy gums. The Cetylated Esterified Fatty Acid Caps offer a convenient and easy to use colution for daily oral care. the capsules contain a patented blend of Esterified Fatty Acids in a very palatable paste form.

Accumulation of plaque and tartar leads to inflammation, red and painful gums. Plaque and tartar are also the ideal environment for bacteria to grow, leading to a higher risk of generalized infection and foul breath.

Esterifided Fatty Acids help maintain a normal inflammatory and immue response to keep gums healthy and pain-free. Esterified Fatty Acids are fast absorbed by the gum, which allows a quick on site action and helps maintain the natural bacterial balance inside the mouth for healthy digestion and breath!