Citrus II Spray 5.2 oz Original

Citrus II Spray 5.2 oz Original
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Citrus II Air Fragrance original blend and solid air freshener offers a fresh all-natural way to eliminate tough odors to create a positive, relaxed atmosphere for patients, personnel and visitors. The 100% natural citrus air fragrance doesn't just mask strong odors. It destroys them. Totally effective for hospitals, exam rooms, physicians, offices, labs, clinics, nursing homes and other professional locations. Formulated using the essential oils of tree-ripened citrus fruits, these all-natural air fresheners eliminate harsh odors such as urine, pet, and smoke by destroying the odors rather than simply covering them up. So instead of overly perfumed air, you're treated to a clean, fresh citrus scent with absolutely no trace of the offensive odor.
  • All-natural air fresheners
  • Formulated with essential oils of citrus fruits
  • Eliminates odors
  • Leaves the air smelling citrusy fresh
Don't just cover up those offensive odors, eliminate them with these natural citrus air fresheners.