Canine Aerosol Chamber 3 in 1

Canine Aerosol Chamber 3 in 1
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Sale Price: $55.00
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Product Info:

VetOne 3 in 1 Canine Aerosol Chamber is an inhaler for dogs designed to deliver medication into the lungs enabling owners and trainers to take better control of their animals' asthma. Cross Valve Technology allows animals to easily breathe out through the chamber. One way flow prevents exhaled air from going into the spacer.

Comes with small, medium and large canine masks for different size dogs.


  • Transparent chamber means you can see the valves working properly

  • Multipurpose mouthpiece can be used with standard face masks

  • Universal inhaler base

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Small, medium, and large canine masks included