Aurocin CM Ear Cleanser 8oz

Aurocin CM Ear Cleanser 8oz
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Product Info:

Aurocin CM is a gentle ear cleansing solution that is pleasant, safe, and effective for dogs and cats. This ear cleansing solution is used to routinely clean and dry damp or mildly exudative, waxy ears. Aurocin CM is indicated for long-term control of mild recurrent otitis externa.


  • Formulated to deodorize and gently clean
  • Dries and acidifies the ear canal
  • Provides an ideal environment for healthy ears
  • Cucumber melon scent
  • Ingredients:

    Aloe vera gel | benzoic acid | benzyl alcohol | deionized water | dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate | glycerin | lactic acid | propylene glycol | salicylic acid | SD alcohol 40