AlphaTRAK 3 Test Strips 50 Count

AlphaTRAK 3 Test Strips 50 Count
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Product Info:

The AlphaTRAK 3 Blood Glucose Test Strips offer an easy and accurate way to monitor blood sugar levels and manage your pet's diabetes at home. The pet glucose test strips provide incredibly accurate results in only seconds. Validated for both dogs & cats, the strips feature an angled sample area for easy positioning and a sample tab design that allows for fast wicking. The easy-to-use diabetic test strips for cats and dogs require only 0.3 µL (microliters) of blood, ensuring a less painful testing experience. These strips are designed for use with only the AlphaTRAK 3 Pet Glucose Monitor.


  • Compatible with the AlphaTRAK 3 Blood Glucose Meter
  • Validated for both dogs & cats
  • Test strip results are displayed on the screen stored in the meter's memory
  • AlphaTRAK 3 test strips require only a tiny 0.3 µL (microliter) sample of blood