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Chondroprotec 10mL 6 Pack (100 mg/mL)

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Chondroprotec is a sterile 10 mL solution containing 1000 mg of Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan (100 mg/mL). For use on dogs, cats and horses.

Indicated for

Partial and full thickness wounds
Secreting and bleeding dermal lesions
Trauma injuries
1st and 2nd degree burns
Pressure ulcers (Stages I-IV)
Surgical incisions
Donor sites
Venous stasis ulcers


• 1000 mg of PSGAG in a 10 mL vial (100 mg/mL)
• Derived from bovine trachea
• Preservative free
• Patented technology
Directions for Use

1. Irrigate wound with normal saline solution.
2.Either pour contents of vial or dispense from syringe to withdraw solution and cover wound site.
3.Cover with a non-adherent dressing such as PUF(polyurethane film) or Telfa®. Note: Subsequent applications of Chondroprotec can be injected through the dressing as to not disturb the wound bed.
4.Reapply Chondroprotec daily and redress wound site every 5-7 days or as needed.


Not for food animal use. No known side effects, not intended for use as a long term or permanent dressing. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.


Store at controlled room temperature (15-30°C or 59-86°F). Protect from freezing. Sterile when unopened. Discard unused portion.