Ovitrol X-Tend Flea and Tick Spray 16 oz

Ovitrol X-Tend Flea and Tick Spray 16 oz
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Ovitrol X-tend Flea and Tick Spray kills adult fleas & ticks on contact, kills deer ticks, which may transmit Lyme disease, and contains Etofenprox and (S)-Methoprene, an IGR proven to break the flea life cycle For dogs and puppies, 10 weeks and older. Protects from fleas & ticks and repels mosquitoes up to 2 weeks. Controls immature flea stages up to 2 months. For cats and kittens, 12 weeks and older. Protects from fleas & ticks and repels mosquitoes up to 3 weeks. Controls immature flea stages up to 2.5 months.


This product kills adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks, and repels mosquitoes. Flea eggs and larvae sprayed with Ovitrol® X-Tend Flea & Tick Spray will not grow into adults. Ovitrol® X-Tend Flea & Tick Spray combines the adult flea killing power of Etofenprox with the long-lasting flea egg-killing power of (S)-Methoprene. This highly effective combination of ingredients provides quick relief from biting fleas and continuous killing of flea eggs laid on the animal, breaking the flea life cycle. The elimination of both adult fleas and flea eggs is important because adult fleas live on your pet, causing discomfort and skin irritation, while the vast number of eggs that they lay fall off and develop in your house. If fleas are already developing in your house, then use a Vet-Kem® premise product. Effective flea control requires treatment of your pets, house, and yard.


Pesticide Storage: Do not store near heat or open flame. Store away from children and animals. Disposal: Nonrefillable container. Do not reuse or refill this container. If empty: Place in trash or offer for recycling if available. If partly filled: Call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions. Never place unused product down any indoor or outdoor drain.


  • Etofenprox (CAS #80844-07-1). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.50%
  • (S)-Methoprene (CAS #65733-16-6) . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.27%
  • Piperonyl Butoxide (CAS #51-03-6)* . . . . . . . . . . 1.75%
  • OTHER INGREDIENTS: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97.48%
  • TOTAL 100.00%
  • *(butylcarbityl) (6-propylpiperonyl) ether and related compounds


    It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.


    For Dogs and Puppies: The maximum application rate for this product is twice per month, and the second application must be made more than 8 days after the initial application. For Cats and Kittens: The maximum application rate for this product is once per month.


    For Fleas and Ticks: A light, even coverage of the hair coat will provide effective flea control. Do not allow spray from application or damp pet to come into contact with painted or finished surfaces, including wood floors/furniture, leather/vinyl materials, or other surfaces of concern.

    1. For best results, ruffle the coat while spraying against the natural lay of the hair. Cover pet's eyes with hand. With a firm, fast stroke, spray head, ears, and chest. If you see a tick, spray it directly.

    2. With cloth, rub on face around mouth, nose, and eyes. Then spray the neck, middle and hind quarters, finishing with legs and tail last. Avoid spraying rectum and genitals.

    3. For all pets, spray until damp, not saturated. Do not allow pets to become chilled.

    4. Repeat every month for continuous flea and tick infestation prevention.

    Recommended dosage: Note that the recommended dose is about 4 squeezes of the trigger sprayer per pound of body weight. Short-haired pets will need less; more spray may be needed for long-haired pets. In all cases, apply spray until the coat is damp, not saturated.

    For Mosquitoes: A light, even coverage of the hair coat (as applied for flea control), will also provide effective repellency of mosquitoes. Ovitrol® X-Tend Flea & Tick Spray is most effective when used as part of a total flea and tick management program. Use other Vet-Kem® products registered for residential premise control of these pests in conjunction with this treatment. Monthly premise treatments are required for optimal control and prevention of fleas and ticks.