Kong Wobbler Large

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The Kong company is known for their innovative dog toy designs for the past 30 years. Playing for dogs is extremely important in their daily lives. Kong toys can keep our dogs occupied when we may not be there.
Kong Wobbler dog toy is designed to allow treats to be hidden inside. The design of the toy gives it a wobble action when it moves. As it moves, small treats will be dispensed.
The Wobbler is a KONG-shaped toy and feeder that sits up until your dog pushes it down with their paws or noses. The best part- it then dispenses treats as it wobbles, spins and rolls. The unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging, even for the seasoned pooch. Use the Wobbler as an alternative to a dog bowl, and help extend meal time and exercise your dog.
The KONG Wobbler is an excellent alternative to traditional bowl feeding, extending the joy of mealtime and preventing unhealthy gulping. Using the same basic instructions as above, fill the Wobbler with up to 2 cups of dog food, and then screw the top on tightly. Refill as needed. Use the same amount of dog food as instructed on your dog food bag.
Measures 7 x 6 x 10.5-inches; suitable for dogs weighing 25-pounds or more. Food and treats sold separately.