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Duramune Lyme + Max 5 CVK 25 Doses

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Duramune® Lyme +Max 5-CvK (The PuppyShot®+Duramune® Lyme) is a canine combination vaccine containing six antigens including modified-live distemper, adenovirus 2, parvovirus 2b, and parainfluenza. It also includes inactivated (killed) coronavirus and Borrelia burgdorferi.


For subcutaneous vaccination of healthy dogs 9 weeks of age or older as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis, canine adenovirus type 2, canine coronavirus, canine parainfluenza, canine parvovirus and Borrelia burgdorferi. Dosage & Administration aseptically rehydrate Duramune max 5 with canine coronavirus vaccine-Borrelia burgdorferi bacterin supplied. SHAKE WELL. For healthy dogs 9 weeks of age or older, administer one 1-mL dose subcutaneously. The presence of maternal antibody is known to interfere with the development of active immunity. Puppies should be revaccinated every two to three weeks until 12 weeks of age. All dogs over 12 weeks of age should initially receive one dose of this product and a second dose two to three weeks later.


In case of an anaphylactoid reaction, administer epinephrine. Burn container and all unused contents. Gentamicin and thimerosal added as preservatives. For veterinary use only.

Storage Information:

Store in the dark at 2º to 7º C (35º to 45º F). Avoid Freezing.