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Vetri Science Fast Balance G.I.

Fast Balance G.I. Paste

A fast acting, easy to administer paste that provides immediate G.I. support for dogs, cats and horses.

VetriScience® Laboratories’ Fast Balance G.I. Paste contains a specialized, mannan oligosaccharide-rich yeast extract that is derived from the cell wall of yeast. It also includes probiotics in several strains, fungal-derived enzymes, and B vitamins, which work together to help normalize the G.I. tract.

Fast Balance is recommended for garbage gut, nervous gut, and food sensitivities, as well as stress, quick normalization of digestion, and older pets in need of digestive support. The inclusion of MOS supports immune system function for optimal gut health, while probiotics support and encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria and help to maintain the proper water level in the gut.

The vitamins in the formula work with the probiotics to support bacteria growth and proper immune function.
Fast Balance G.I. Paste is available in a convenient dial-a-serving tube.
Vetri-Science Fast Balance G.I. 35 cc
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Sale Price: $20.99
Vetri-Science Fast Balance G.I. 60 cc
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