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Vetera WNV Single Dose

Vetera WNV Single Dose
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For the vaccination of healthy horses 6 months of age or older as an aid in the prevention of viremia caused by West Nile Virus. Duration of immunity studies are in progress.

Dosage: Shake well before use. Using aseptic technique, inoculate horses intramuscularly with a 1 mL dose.

Administer a second 1 mL does intramuscularly in 3-4 weeks using a different injection site. Revaccinate annually and prior to anticipated exposure with a single 1 mL intramuscular dose.

Precautions: Store at 35-45°F (2-7°C). Protect from freezing. Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter. Anaphylactoid reactions may occur following use. Antidote: Epinephrine.

Preservative: Gentamicin.