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Tresaderm 15mL

Tresaderm 15mL
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The choice for treating ear and skin conditions is clear - even when the underlying cause is not. Only Tresaderm® contains the unique combination of active ingredients that makes it the proven solution for dogs and cats:

  • Antifungal thiabendazole controls the most common forms of fungus that cause infection.
  • Anti-inflammatory dexamethasone, a fast-acting corticosteroid, reduces inflammation, relieves pain, and itching.
  • Antibacterial neomycin sulfate quickly kills bacteria that can cause otitis externa and common skin infections.

With greater than 90% proven efficacy, Tresaderm provides greater assurance that treatment of otitis externa and common dermatoses will be successful, even in chronic cases.1 Plus, TRESADERM is a true solution, not an ointment or a salve, so it's easier to administer, with no clogging in the ear canal or clumping in an animal's fur.

Storage: Store in a refrigerator 36 - 46°F (2 - 8°C).

Warning: For topical use in dogs and cats. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children.

Active Ingredients (per mL) Amount
Thiabendazole 40 mg
Dexamethasone 1 mg
Neomycin (from neomycin sulfate) 3.2 mg

Other Ingredients:
Glycerin, propylene glycol, purified water, hypophosphorous acid, about 8.5% ethyl alcohol and about 0.5% benzyl alcohol.

Pet Weight Dosage
Dogs/Cats: (for use in the ears) All weights The usual dose for the ear is 5-15 drops placed into the ear twice daily
Dogs/Cats: (for use topically on the skin) All weights The usual dose to treat skin disorders affecting other than in the ear is 2 to 4 drops per square inch twice daily