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Theophylline ER 200mg (per tablet)

Theophylline ER 200mg (per tablet)
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Theophylline Extended Release is a bronchodilator used to open air passages in the lungs. It opens opens air passages in the lungs by relaxing muscles in the lungs and chest. This medication is produced by various manufacturers.

Dosage: Theophylline should be administered 2 to 3 times a day and the suggested dosage for dogs is 2.25 to 5 grams of medication per pound of weight of the pet. The medication should be administered on an empty stomach and food should be given an hour after the administration of the medication. Care should be taken to administer the tablet whole and not crushed if it is a sustained release tablet.

Storage: Store away from moisture, heat and light. Keep at room temperature.

A prescription is required.