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Strepvax-II Single 1 mL Single Dose

Strepvax-II Single 1 mL Single Dose
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Strepvax® II is a concentrated, aluminum hydroxide - absorbed suspension of purified antigens derived from S. equi cells. Strepvax II contains the antigenic protein of S. equi but is essentially free of the toxic and irritant substances present in whole cell bacterins. For use in healthy horses of all ages as an aid in the prevention of disease (strangles) due to Streptococcus equi infection.
  • Promotes phagocyte destruction of virulent S equi
  • Reduced risk of sensitization; well tolerated by most horses
  • Available as convenient-to-use prefilled syringe or as 10 dose bottle
  • Contains a purified M-protein antigen extracted through an exclusive process
  • Sensitizing elements of whole cell bacterins are virtually excluded in the extraction process
  • Available in 1 mL dose and 10 mL dose
Administration and Dosage: Using aseptic technique inject 1 mL IM preferably in the hind quarters. For primary vaccination give 3 doses at intervals of 3 weeks. Foals vaccinated when less than 3 months of age should receive an additional dose at 6 months. Revaccinate annually and prior to anticipated exposure.

Storage: Store at 35°-45°F (2°-7°C). Protect from freezing. Use entire contents when first opened.