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Remend by Bayer

The Remend® wound care products aid in the management of skin wounds and superficial corneal ulcers, contain advanced, cross-linked, hyaluronic acid (HA), which provides a "scaffolding matrix" to promote cell migration at the wound site and, in turn, aids dogs' and cats' own bodily healing processes.

The unique technology in Remend® helps foster an environment conducive to re-epithelialization at the site of the wound, which may be beneficial in a variety of injuries to the skin and eyes.

Remend® Wound Spray Gel - a convenient and cost effective product that helps support the healing of superficial skin wounds including cuts, abrasions and lacerations on dogs and cats.

Remend® Corneal Repair Gel - designed for superficial corneal ulcers and abrasions, that can be used as part of an overall treatment plan in patients where twice daily administration of cross-linked hyaluronic acid technology is appropriate.

Remend® Eye Lubricating Drops - provides hydration and lubrication for dry or irritated eyes. A recent study in dogs demonstrated that Remend® Eye Lubricating Drops may lead to improvement in some of the characteristic clinical signs of dry eyes. In some patients, twice daily administration may be appropriate. Having fewer doses may enhance owner compliance.

Remend Eye Lubricant Drops 10mL
Regular Price: $18.00
Sale Price: $16.50
Remend Corneal Repair Gel 3mL
Regular Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $12.99
Remend Wound Spray Gel 15 ml
Regular Price: $25.00
Sale Price: $22.99