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Rebound Liquid Diet 8 oz

Rebound Liquid Diet 8 oz
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Rebound liquid diet aids recovery in compromised dogs and cats.

Provides complete, fortified and balanced nutrition for critical care, debilitated and recovering canine and feline patients in a palatable, versatile and easy-to-use liquid diet. REBOUND Liquid Diet contains a complete source of amino acids, including essential arginine and taurine. Taurine is important for cardiac function, the brain, nervous system and visual pathways. It also serves as a conjugator of bile acids. REBOUND Liquid Diet, which is a complete source of essential vitamins, including Vitamins A, D, E, B6 and B12, also features:

  • Prebiotics to help promote a healthy intestinal environment
  • Insoluble fiber to support GI function
  • High energy density for compromised patients
  • Added Omega fatty acids (DHA) to support brain, eye and heart health
  • Lactose free for easy digestion

Calorie Content (ME): 200 kcal/8 fl. oz. (237 mL)

Weight (lbs) Amount Fed (mLs/day)**
2-4 lbs 51 mLs
5-8 lbs 110 mLs
9-12 lbs 190 mLs
13-16 lbs 255 mLs
17-20 lbs 400 mLs
21-30 lbs 680 mLs
31-40 lbs 875 mLs
41-50 lbs 1060 mLs
51-60 lbs 1230 mLs
61-70 lbs 1390 mLs
>70 lbs 1500 mLs

** This is a daily feeding and should be divided over 4 to 8 feedings, and adjusted according to the condition of the animal.