If ever a name described what a product does, it's PEAK MUSCLE. Bob Fritz's latest advance is made possible by unlocking the secrets of canine muscle growth pathway. It's called mTOR. Peak Muscle is designed to turn on mTOR more than anything before it. PLUS you save you money. More muscle, less money? Yes! Expect competitors to accuse you of feeding PEDs. Just smile, and say: PEAK MUSCLE. Tell them your dog is 100% natural, and will pass any test any day. You'll hear words like 'freaky' and 'extreme'. It's a compliment. After all, if you weren't looking for muscle you would have gotten a different dog. Muscle is your friend, and more is better.
  • Targets muscle size receptors
  • Everything dogs need to build muscle...nothing they don't!
  • Body building essential
  • Creatine
  • Protein
  • Leucine
K9 Peak Muscle 1lb
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Sale Price: $7.99
K9 Peak Muscle 4lb
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