K9 Immune Dog
Animal Naturals K9 Immune Dog is the first formula designed to support the body's own immune shields two powerful ways Antioxidant Shield - Probiotics Shield. Canine immune shields, perfectly adapted for the unspoiled wild, are unprepared against chemicals. A 24/7 onslaught of chemical toxins, foreign substances and man-made compounds can leave dogs exposed or under protected. The more pampered the dog, the greater the risk. The mismatch of old canine immune shields and new chemicals makes your dog vulnerable.

  • Provides Both an Antioxidant Shield and a Probiotic Shield
  • Supports Dog's Own Immunity
  • Supplies Natural Anti-Inflammatories
  • Helps Fight Oxidative Damage
    K9 Immune Dog1 lb
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    Sale Price: $17.99
    K9 Immune Dog 2lb
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