K9 American Chicken
Natural, GMO-free fed chicken. American ingredients. Minimally processed. Made by Americans. USDA approved production. Antioxidants. With organ meat. Sure, there's cheaper chicken jerky out there for your dog. We believe American Chicken is the best, most wholesome chicken jerky treat in the world.

Hand batched for freshness and quality, American Chicken uses all-natural, human grade chicken produced under USDA's watchful eye. And American Chicken is exactly what it says- an American product. Sourced and made in America. Go America! Natural, American Chicken only! USDA human grade chicken! Made in America! Grain free! Gluten free! No soy or wheat! No byproducts!
K9 American Chicken Jerky Treats 3 oz
Regular Price: $11.49
Sale Price: $9.99
K9 American Chicken 7.5 oz
Regular Price: $20.49
Sale Price: $18.99